Milk Magazine

Client: Richard Christiansen, NYC

Our Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Illustration + Pattern

Our first job as makelikeRichard Christiansen, a then-art-director-from-Colors-magazine-gone-solo, contacted us to help him design a prototype for his new magazine concept called MILK. With content culled from friends that were writers, photographers, illustrators and (now us) designers, the project was an experiment in the pitri dish that was our first studio in an old NE Portland tire warehouse. This was the early internet days and we made every corner of it work to our advantage. The client was in NYC and the printer was in Australia – and we had just abandoned Quark for the new talk-of-the-town InDesign v.1.0 (which the printer had never heard of). The best part is the image we sliced up and placed sections of on each page edge – when the magazine is folded on itself, the image reads (in both directions). Needless to say the month we had to design and produce this 78-page tome made for several sleepless nights and many lost weekends. Lots of original art and pattern was overlaid into non-templated, photo-heavy spreads. In the end we got it done and out the door on time and made a life-long friend in Mr. Christiansen.