Are You Interested? Pamphlet

Client: Catlin Gabel School, Portland, Oregon

Our Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Illustration + Writing

How do you debunk century old myths and cattiness about one of Portland’s most prestigious day schools? You come out of the schoolyard swinging. Catlin Gabel is THE place to send your inquisitive vivacious young ones. It is a school that offers an exceptional eduction on a campus surrounded by beautiful fir trees. Problem is, it had a reputation for being elitist and out-of-touch. After spending a day attending classes at the friendly, progressive school, we developed an unpretentious pamphlet with a fresh look. The cleverly folded piece clearly outlines who they are and who they definitely are NOT! Simple information opens up to a care-free campus map, with hand-drawn illustrations and copy.

This project was featured in Communication Arts 2009 Design Annual, which surveyed the best design of that year.